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 Central bank

  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is the monetary authority of Sri Lanka. It was established in 1950, two years after independence. The founder governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka was John Exter, while the minister of finance at the time was J.R. Jayawardena. Under the name Central Bank of Ceylon it replaced the Currency Board that until then had been responsible for issuing the country's money.

The Bank is responsible for the conduct of monetary policy in Sri Lanka and also has wide supervisory powers over the financial system.

Its credibility was called into question in 2007, due to allegations of political interference and institutional decay.


 Major banks
Bank of Ceylon (State-owned)
People's Bank (State-owned)
National Savings Bank (State-owned)
Commercial Bank of Ceylon
Hatton National Bank
Seylan Bank
Sampath Bank
NDB Bank
Union Commercial Bank
Nations Trust Bank
DFCC Vardhana Bank
Panasia Banking Corporation
Seylan Merchant Bank

 Foreign banks
Standard Chartered Bank
Deutsche Bank
State Bank of India

Currency: The rupee (Sinhala: Tamil: ரூபாய்) (sign: ₨; code: LKR) is the currency of Sri Lanka, divided into 100 cents. It is issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and is generally written Rs. (though SLRs. may occasionally be used for disambiguation).


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