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Central bank

  1. Bank of Israel - Shalom!

    Prohibition on Money Laundering Order, 2001, PDF File -. European Central Bank - First assessment of the new draft Law of the Bank of Israel ...



 Major banks

Bank Hapoalim
Bank Leumi
Israel Discount Bank
First International Bank of Israel
Bank Mizrahi-Tfahot
Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal
Union Bank of Israel



Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd - Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal was established in November 1946 in the British Mandate of Palestine, as a financial institution that provided banking services for Jewish veterans of the British armed forces.

First International Bank of Israel - The First International Bank- FIBI was established in 1972 as an initiative of Pinchas Sapir, the Finance Minister at the time. His goal was to increase competition within the banking sector and to promote the flow of working capital to industry, an objective he had personally championed.

Bank Leumi Le Israel - The Bank was intended to be the financial arm of the Zionist Movement and is now the oldest and one of the leading banking corporations in Israel.


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SWIFT codes Banks in Israel - SWIFT codes Banks in Israel


בנק לאומי  Leumi Bank


בנק פועלים  Hapoalim Bank


בנק דיסקונט  Discount Bank


בנק מרכנתיל דיסקונט  Mercantile Discount Bank


בנק מזרחי  Mizrahi Tefahot


בנק הבינלאומי   FIBI Bank


בנק פאגי  Pagi Bank


בנק איגוד  Union Bank


בנק אוצר החייל  Otsar Hahayal Bank


Uבנק   U Bank


בנק יהב  Yahav Bank


בנק מסד  Massad Bank


בנק ירושלים  Jerusalem Bank


בנק ישראל  Bank of Israel



List of all the Banks in Israel



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Code Bank Phone SWIFT (BIC) code*
12 Bank Hapoalim 03.5673333 POALILITXXX  
10 Bank Leumi LeIsrael 03.5148111 LUMIILITXXX  
46 Bank Massad 03.5641333 MASBILI1XXX  
00 Bank of Israel 02.6552211 ISRAILIJXXX  
54 Bank of Jerusalem 02.6706211 JERSILITXXX  
14 Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal 1.700.500.200 OTSHILITXXX  
52 Bank Poaley Agudat Israel 1.700.700052 PAGIILITXXX  
04 Bank Yahav 02.5009666 BYAHILI1XXX  
31 First International Bank of Israel 03.5196111 FIRBILITXXX  
11 Israel Discount Bank 03.5145555 IDBLILITXXX  
17 Mercantile Discount Bank      
20 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank 03.7559295 MIZBILITXXX  
44 Poalim Capital Markets Investment Bank 03.5675333    
  Postal Bank of Israel Post      
26 UBank 03.5645645 IGBTILITXXX  
13 Union Bank of Israel 03.5191111 UNBKILITXXX  
10 Yashir Leumi 03.9545524    
  Mortgage Banks  
91 Bank Mishkan - Hapoalim Mortgage Bank 1.800.800.700  
90 Discount Mortgage Bank 03.7107333  
92 First International Mortgage Bank 03.5643311  
77 Leumi Mortgage Bank 03.9544188  
  Credit Card Companies  
  American Express 03.6364422  
  Cal - Credit Cards Israel, Visa, Mastercard, Diners 03.5726444  
  Isracard 03.6364636  
  Leumi Card 03.6178888  
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  Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 03.5677411  

* Bank Identifier Code (also known BIC code or Swift code) is composed of 11 characters:

4 characters - bank code
2 characters - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
2 characters - location code

3 characters - branch code, optional ( 'XXX' for primary office)


Others Bank


Israel Discount Bank

FIBI - First International Bank of Israel

Bank Hapoalim




4 characters - bank code
2 characters - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
2 characters - location code
3 characters - branch code, optional ( 'XXX' for primary office)



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