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National Bank of Industry and Commerce Ltd
NBIC is your source for affordable financial and banking solutions in Guyana - including personal loans and revolving credit lines across Guyana

NBIC is a subsidiary of Republic Bank Limited, the largest financial institution in the Eastern Caribbean

The National Bank of Industry and Commerce Limited was established on November 29th, 1984 as the Successor Bank, with the cessation of business in Guyana by the Royal Bank of Canada, after a banking history dating back to 1836. On November 20, 1997 Republic Bank Limited acquired 51% ownership of the Bank.

The National Bank of Industry & Commerce Limited has maintained the highest profile in the banking industry in Guyana, and has consistently held a dominant market share in the primary areas of loans, deposits and foreign exchange trading. With continual upgrading of management skills supported by the expanding use of advanced information technology, the Bank's business plans are being realized.

The Bank recognizes that exceptional service execution is vital to maintaining high business quality, we foresee a significant range of opportunities for integrating financial services distribution in order to maintain the leadership role for product and service quality in a competitive banking environment

Main Banking Office
38-40 Water Street
Tel.#226-1691-6, 226-4091-5
FAX: 227-2921

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•Globe Trust & Investment Co. Ltd
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•Republic Bank Guyana Limited
•Scotiabank Guyana
•The Bank Of Guyana






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