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Da Afghanistan Bank - Central Bank of Afghanistan Da Afghanistan Bank (Pashto: دافغانستان بانک‎; Persian: بانک مرکزی افغانستان ) is the central bank of Afghanistan. It regulates all banking and money handling operations in Afghanistan. The bank currently has 47 branches throughout the country, with five of these situated in Kabul, where the headquarters is also based.[1]

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) is one of the leading & government recognized bank of Afghanistan which was established in 1939. Basic Tasks of DAB:

Formulate, adopt and execute the monetary policy of Afghanistan.
Hold and manage the official foreign exchange reserves of Afghanistan.
Print and issue Afghani banknotes and coins.
Act as banker and adviser to, and as fiscal agent of the State.
License, regulate and supervise banks, foreign exchange dealers, money service providers, payment system operators, securities service providers, securities transfer system operators.
Establish, maintain and promote sound and efficient systems for payments, for transfers of securities issued by the State or DAB, and for the clearing and settlement of payment transactions and transactions in such securities.
Accept foreign bank applications from banks that wish to operate in Afghanistan.




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List all Afghanistan Swift Codes and Afghanistan BIC Codes with the following informations :

Bank code : 4 characters to identify the bank,
Country code : 2 characters constituting the ISO country code (ISO 3166-1),
Location code : 2 characters (alphabetical or numerical) to differentiate banks in the same country,
Branch code : 3 characters optionals defining the agency as a bank branch.


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